Military Information Support Operations

U.S. Space Command (USSPACECOM), working with Allies and Partners, plans, executes, and integrates military spacepower into multi-domain global operations to deter aggression, defend national interests, and when necessary, defeat threats. USSPACECOM, in coordination with national, international and regional partners, is conducting Military Information Support Operations (MISO) activities over the next 12 months to support the National Defense Strategy. USSPACECOM’s MISO activities are predominantly conducted via the internet, print media and face-to-face communication. Other aspects of the program include military-to-military cooperative efforts, supporting military-focused publications, and subject-matter expert exchanges, all of which increase the interoperability and coordination of our military information support efforts with those of our regional partners.

MISO activities are implemented in accordance with U.S. laws and Department of Defense policy to support a diversity of voices in the information space, to counter external interference, to build partner-nation capacity, to assist partner-nation space operations, and promote safe operations in space. These MISO activities and military-to-military cooperative efforts will be focused on audiences in South Asia, Southeast Asia, South America, eastern Europe, northern Europe, and east and western Africa. MISO activities also support joint training events with our partners throughout the region to address our shared security concerns and promote best practices in space more effectively.