Service members attend training in 2018 at the U.S. Army Space and Missile School, a component of the U.S. Army Space and Missile Defense Command, in Colorado Springs, Colorado.
SMD School earns fully accredited status from TRADOC
By Dottie White | June 19, 2020
The U.S. Army Space and Missile Defense School recently earned the U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command’s fully accredited status.

An unarmed Trident II D5 missile launches from the ballistic missile submarine USS Nebraska off the coast of California, March 26, 2018. The test launch was part of the U.S. Navy Strategic Systems Program’s demonstration and shakedown operation certification process.
Defense Space Strategy Addresses Militarization, Competition
By C. Todd Lopez | June 18, 2020
The Defense Department's newly released Defense Space Strategy addresses new realities in space: great power competition and militarization of the domain, the deputy assistant secretary of defense for space policy said.

Department of Defense Releases Defense Space Strategy
By | June 17, 2020
Today the Secretary for Defense released the Defense Space Strategy, which identifies how Department of Defense will advance spacepower to be able to compete, deter, and win in a complex security environment characterized by great power competition.

General John W. "Jay" Raymond