Space technology is integral to our increasingly digital and interconnected world. U.S. Space Command will ensure there is never a day without space.

Army Gen. James Dickinson
Commander, U.S. Space Command


The space environment is far more competitive and dangerous today than ever before.

Our competitors are not only challenging national security and prosperity in cyberspace, on land, at sea and in the air; they have turned space, a once peaceful environment, into a warfighting domain.

Space is no longer a sanctuary. Technological advances, changes in strategic guidance and new security challenges require U.S. Space Command to innovate and adapt to ensure that space warfighters are prepared to accomplish future missions in, from and to space.

Our national security
and homeland defense
increasingly rely on space.

In the era of the great power competition, the People’s Republic of China and Russia have global ambitions of preeminence by displacing American power and influence, challenging our national interests and eroding American security and prosperity.

The United States considers unfettered access to and freedom to operate in space vital interests. Like all nations, we have the inherent right of self-defense. Purposeful or harmful interference with these interests will be met with a deliberate response at a time and place of our choosing.

Along with our allies and partners, the United States will champion and promote the responsible, peaceful and safe use of space. However, should our nation call, U.S. Space Command will always remain ready to prevail against any foreign space-related aggression.