You have great ideas, we need them. Join our team and help make a difference that will last a lifetime.
The future of space depends on you.

Make A Difference

Make a living with a career that makes a difference.


U.S. Space Command offers both diverse and rewarding careers across the spectrum of disciplines to help shape the future of space.
As an intern, you will have opportunities for professional growth and development, learning from us as we learn from you.
The U.S. federal government relies on more than two million Americans and foreign nationals to work in the civil-service.
People like you can help U.S. Space Command fulfill its essential duties in service to the American people and ensure that there is never a day without space.

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Gain Experience

U.S. Space Command offers more than experience.


Students taking at least half-time academic, technical or vocational course load in an accredited high school, technical, vocational, two or four year college or university, graduate or professional school are eligible for paid internships in career fields directly related to their area of study, as well as broader areas to familiarize interns with U.S. Space Command as a whole.
As a civilian intern, you are a federal government employee and may be eligible to receive benefits and entitlements, such as paid sick leave, paid vacations, paid federal holidays, health and life insurance, flexible work schedules, professional development and training, a retirement plan, and a 401k-style retirement plan with matching contributions.