United States Space Command
Command Chaplain

Accessibility and Availability to all staff
100 Percent Confidential Counseling


USSPACECOM Command Chaplain

U.S. Air Force Col. Travis C. Yelton
USSPACECOM Command Chaplain

719-554-3623; DSN 692-3623

USSPACECOM Command Chaplain

U.S. Air Force MSgt. Kristen N. Allen
Senior Enlisted Leader, Religious Affairs

719-554-3610; DSN 692-3610



Employ religious support and advisement, deliver a message of help and hope, promote dignity and respect for all and build relationships of trust that facilitate engagements and strengthen enduring partnerships with our Allies and partners.



Religious Affairs consists of religious support and advisement to CDRUSSPACECOM by The Religious Affairs Office (RAO) that coordinates global employment of a ready Corps with a message of help and hope to ensure spiritual readiness of all our members.  This is done while building relationships of trust across the commands and services, engaging in cross-cultural communication and supporting enduring partnerships.



Employ - Religious support and advisement

Deliver – USSPACECOM and Chaplain Corps Strategic Messaging


Desired Outcomes

A cohesive partnership across the Religious Affairs Community enabling and supporting USSPACECOM and Chaplain Corps strategic messaging through trusted relationships.

Additional Resources

Space Force Chaplain
719-554-3610; DSN: 692-3610

Peterson Chapel Team
719-556-4442; DSN: 834-4442

Schriever Chapel Team 
719-567-3705; DSN: 560-3705