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Space impacts virtually every aspect of our daily lives.  The space security environment is at a critical juncture, and commercial industry has played an increasingly prominent role in providing space capabilities for national security.  U.S. Space Command (USSPACECOM) seeks to leverage commercial capabilities to achieve our goals of mitigating capability gaps, improving space architecture resiliency, and gaining and maintaining technological advances over our competitors. 

The USSPACECOM Capability and Resource Integration Directorate (J8) advocates for capabilities and funding in support of the Command’s mission requirements.  The U.S. commercial sector is driving technological advancements that provide our Nation, Allies, and partners a distinct advantage over our competitors.  Our imperative is to pursue solutions that deter and overcome any threat to space and space-based capabilities.  Many of these solutions are found in the partnerships we forge with commercial industry. 
The J8’s Commercial Integration Branch is responsible for engaging with industry, implementing the USSPACECOM Commercial Integration Strategy, and facilitating integration of commercial capabilities into ongoing operations to enable USSPACECOM objectives.  The Branch’s Industry Engagement Team is the point of entry and interface for informing industry of USSPACECOM priorities, coordinating engagements with the Command’s senior leaders, and performing outreach with industry partners.

DoD APFIT Program
The Accelerate the Procurement and Fielding of Innovative Technologies (APFIT) is a pilot program, started in Fiscal Year 2022, to provide procurement funding for innovative projects that have completed development and are ready to transition into operational use.
Funding amounts of $10M-$50M are awarded to projects with small business or non-traditional performers to accelerate initial production and reduce the overall procurement timeline. The Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Research & Engineering, OUSD (R&E), conducts a competitive down-select process each year using evaluation criteria including impact to the warfighter, sustainment support, and applicability to the broader Department of Defense.

Department of Defense APFIT Release
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To connect with the USSPACECOM Industry Engagement Team, please read the J8 Memo to Industry and fill out the Request for Information (attached below) and send the filled RFI to the following email address:

Memo to Industry
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To speak with a Commercial Integration Branch representative, call (719) 552- 7170, 7178, 7179. 

Major Nicole Tait, Chief, Commercial Integration Branch
Mr. Ray Kozak, Industry Engagement Team
Mr. Michael Allen, Industry Engagement Team
Mr. James Jennings, Industry Engagement Team