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News | Feb. 21, 2024

USSPACECOM releases updated Strategic Vision

U.S. Space Command Public Affairs

U.S. Space Force Gen. Stephen Whiting, U.S. Space Command commander, released his strategic vision to the command Feb. 20.  

In addition to affirming the need to expand on the United States’ leadership to ensure a safe, secure and sustainable domain amid increasing threats, the strategic vision codifies a desired end state. “By 2027, USSPACECOM conducts dynamic, partnered, and integrated space operations and transregional missile defense support to enable Joint Force lethality and effectiveness while protecting it from space-enabled attack, extending our advantage over competitors, and successfully operating in the face of the threats arrayed against us through all levels of conflict to deter aggression and defeat adversaries.”

To realize this end state, the document emphasizes the command’s “laser focus” to fulfill its Title 10 responsibilities and Unified Command Plan responsibilities: Space Operations, Global Sensor Manager, Global Satellite Communications Manager, Transregional Missile Defense, and Space Joint Force Provider. Additionally, the document outlines four priority objectives that, when realized, will ensure the vision is achieved:
  • Prepare and posture: We will maximize our combat readiness by 2027
  • Counter threats: We will achieve and maintain space superiority
  • Strengthen relationships: We will continue to build a coalition of superior military spacepower
  • Expand a warfighting advantage: We will shape military spacepower for the future fight
 While the document is primarily intended to provide direction and guidance for USSPACECOM personnel, Whiting acknowledged a clear secondary audience of the American people, allies and partners and competitors to understand the intended trajectory of the command over the coming years.

“We have a moral responsibility to ensure delivery of space capabilities to the Joint Force, the Nation, and our Allies and to achieve space superiority in order to protect and defend our assets. Inherent in this is our responsibility to protect the Joint Force from space-enabled attack,” he said. “Our unwavering commitment to the citizens of the United States and our Allies remains, ‘there will never be a day without space.’”

Read the full document HERE.