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News | Dec. 20, 2023

German Space Command Commander Visits 18 SDS

By Space Delta 2 Public Affairs Space Delta 2 Public Affairs

U.S. Space Force Lt. Col. Jordan Mugg, commander of the 18th Space Defense Squadron, welcomed German Air Force Major General Michael Traut, commander of the German Space Command, to the 18 SDS for a visit Dec. 19, 2023.

Maj. Gen. Traut delivered a briefing on the status of the German Space Command to key personnel from the 18 SDS, Combined Space Operations Center, and USSPACECOM Security Cooperation Office.

Following the briefing, MG Traut received a comprehensive tour of the 18 SDS facilities led by Lt. Col. Mugg and Woerner, gaining an insider's look at the squadron's SDA operations and impressive capabilities. This visit further strengthened the already strong SDA partnership and collaboration between the USSF and the German Space Command.

"This visit underscores the importance of international collaboration in ensuring a safe and secure space environment," said Lt. Col. Mugg. "It will only be through the sharing the cooperation of responsible actors in space that we will be able to outpace challenges in the increasingly competitive space environment."

The visit by MG Traut is just one example of the 18 SDS’s commitment to international cooperation in the space domain. By fostering strong relationships with partners like Germany, the squadron is helping to build a more secure and stable space environment for all.

The exchange between the two nations reflects a growing commitment to global SDA cooperation. USSPACECOM currently has Space Sharing Agreements with over 142 commercial companies, 34 countries, and 7 universities. These partnerships allow for the sharing of critical data and information, leading to enhanced situational awareness and improved spaceflight safety for all nations.

The 18 SDS plays a vital role in the USSF’s mission to maintain global SDA. By tracking more than 44,900 objects in Earth's orbit, the squadron provides essential data that is used to protect U.S. national security interests and ensure the safety of spaceflight activities worldwide.