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News | March 24, 2023

Two dozen nations gather for Global Sentinel planning

By Capt. Erin Leon Combined Force Space Component Command Public Affairs

VANDENBERG SPACE FORCE BASE, Calif. – U.S. Space Command hosted a multi-national initial planning conference (IPC) from Feb. 28 – Mar. 2, 2023, to kick off the planning process for Global Sentinel 2024 (GS24).

Global Sentinel, which focuses on expanding partnership and evaluating opportunities for future integration, included approximately 80 participants from 24 countries and marks one of the first steps toward the GS24 capstone event scheduled to take place early next year.

“Global Sentinel is truly a one-of-a-kind event,” said Navy Commander Paul Kramer, Global Sentinel Team Chief.  “We bring together multinational partners from all major theaters and provide a venue for collaboration in the space domain focused on space surveillance, safety, and security.”

One of the things that makes Global Sentinel unique is the applicability of the events for real-world space surveillance operations of all nations involved.

“The scenarios we practice during Global Sentinel are designed to build on real-world experience,” said Mr. Michael Syintsakos, Global Sentinel director. “Coming together to plan GS24 continues the on-going effort to promote multinational cooperation and responsible behavior in space.”

During the three-day conference, participants reviewed key lessons learned from Global Sentinel ’22, worked on designing the capstone event for GS24, and discussed opportunities to engage throughout 2023 in a series of Global Sentinel Real World Events (RWEs), which transferred from USSPACECOM to Combined Force Space Component Command this past January.

Participants and planners spoke highly of the planning conference deeming the event a success.

“The GS24 IPC was successful because of the commitment and active participation of all the partner nations!” said Mr. Dave Settje, GS24 planning lead.  “The energy was very positive, and the relationship-building and connections forged are invaluable.” added Ms. Liann Reed, GS24 knowledge manager.

Throughout the year, USSPACECOM will host additional planning conferences leading up to a GS24 capstone event at Vandenberg SFB. Additionally, Combined Force Space Component Command will spearhead multiple Real World Events to reinforce best practices and enhance space domain awareness for all participating nations.