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News | Nov. 15, 2022

USSPACECOM establishes a Combined Joint Task Force

By Staff Report U.S. Space Command

U.S. Space Command commander Army Gen. James Dickinson established the Combined Joint Task Force-Space Operations (CJTF-SO), here, Nov. 15, 2022.
Currently, USSPACECOM executes tactical control for its assigned forces under two functional components – Joint Task Force-Space Defense (JTF-SD) and Combined Force Space Component Command (CFSCC) – both reporting directly to the USSPACECOM commander. Moving forward, the establishment of CJTF-SO will ensure unity of effort among the functional components’ operations while USSPACECOM’s headquarters staff focuses on achieving national security objectives.
“To outpace our strategic competitor, the People’s Republic of China, I am rapidly building the command to compete and win in the space domain, deter aggression from extending to space, and, when necessary, prevail in conflict,” said Dickinson. “The alignment of task forces and operational centers under one commander will provide USSPACECOM a command-and-control structure that enables rapid action to deliver agile and responsive space effects in support of integrated deterrence.”
U.S. Army Maj. Gen. Thomas James, who recently relinquished command of Joint Task Force-Space Defense, will serve as the acting CJTF-SO commander until a permanent 3-star commander is nominated and confirmed to perform these duties.
“The standup of CJTF-SO allows us to operate at the speed of conflict, while providing USSPACECOM the flexibility to focus on supported and supporting requirements,” said James. “CJTF-SO will serve at the operational level of command as the space functional component to USSPACECOM, with tactical control of presented space forces.”  
CJTF-SO will execute the authorities and responsibilities to conduct warfighting operations as outlined within Joint Publication – 1. This structure allows USSPACECOM to operate at the speed of relevance, while also streamlining operations and empowering commanders at echelon.
As a Joint Force Command, the CJTF-SO commander employs a joint staff and is considered a joint command. This permits personnel across USSPACECOM to be assigned to the CJTF staff, expediting USSPACECOM’s ability to establish the organization.
CFSCC and JTF-SD and their respective operations centers will report to CJTF-SO. The unity of effort between operations and intelligence, allied, and commercial partners will remain persistent throughout USSPACECOM.  
 CFSCC will maintain its current mission and remain at Vandenberg Space Force Base, Ca. JTF-SD will maintain its current mission and remain at Schriever Space Force Base, Colo.
USSPACECOM conducts operations in, from, and to space to deter conflict, and if necessary, defeat aggression, deliver space combat power for the Joint and Combined force, and defend U.S. vital interests with allies and partners.