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News | July 14, 2022

JTF-SD welcomes new CSEL

By Ms. Bridget Bonnette Joint Task Force-Space Defense

Fresno, California native emerged from humble beginnings as the son of a butcher to become a Chief Master Sergeant in the United States Space Force supporting the newest combatant command.
Meet U.S. Space Force Chief Master Sergeant Jeramey Conley, Joint Task Force-Space Defense command senior enlisted leader here.
“Coming from a blue-collar family, I knew my family didn’t have the money for me to attend college,” said Conley. “So, I looked into the military.”
In October of 1999, he decided to enlist in the U.S. Air Force under an open electronics contract.
During basic training, Conley’s dorm chief was guaranteed a space operations position, but was later disqualified for health reasons, leaving the spot unfilled. Some may call it fate.
Conley was selected to fill the empty position and has been fully immersed in the space community ever since.
At his first assignment at then Buckley Air Force Base, Colorado, he conducted Space Base Infrared System operations. Now, Conley’s space knowledge and expertise spans across Missile Warning, Space Domain Awareness, Space Battle Management, Military Satellite Communications, Missile Defense, and Space Electronic Warfare mission areas.  
Conley originally only planned to enlist for a few years but ultimately became connected to the people and the mission. “I had an ‘aha’ moment and found my purpose being part of something bigger than myself,” said Conley. “And here I am, 23 years later.”
Conley also continues to serve for his family. He has been married to his wife and high school sweetheart, Tanya, for 21 years and they have two children together, Zachary, 13, and Genevieve, 10.
On September 1, 2020, he became part of history when he transferred to the U.S. Space Force after serving nearly 21 years in the U.S. Air Force. “I’ve always enjoyed working within the space operations career field and now, we have our own combatant command and service,” said Conley. “I was interested in being part of it.”
Conley now brings his vast knowledge and experience to the fight in his current position in one of U.S. Space Command’s two functional component commands.
“Chief Conley is an incredible addition to the JTF-SD team,” said U.S. Space Force Brig. Gen. Dennis Bythewood, JTF-SD deputy commander. “He brings a wealth of operational command and control, formal training, and personnel management experience which will be critical as the JTF moves to drive operational readiness while normalizing it's organizational structure and personnel posture over the next few years."
With Conley’s extensive space operations background, as well as tactical to operational leadership, he is focused on assuring JTF-SD warfighters are prepared to provide commanders the effects they need.
 “I think it’s important for space to be getting recognition as a warfighting domain,” said Conley. “Space is no longer a benign environment and our adversaries have pushed us to change.”
Due to the shift in the space environment, JTF-SD’s training and exercises are focused on adversarial actions.
 “We will ensure our team is ready to accomplish our mission to deter, protect and defend, and if necessary, defeat our adversaries,” said Conley. “We have built a team that has the skillset and knowledge to get after any problem we face.”
Conley comes to the JTF-SD from Space Operations Command headquarters as the previous senior enlisted leader for the Information Mobility Directorate, during which time he assisted Space Delta 8- Satellite Communications and Navigational Warfare onboard various MILSATCOM missions and personnel from both the 53rd Signal Battalion and the Naval Satellite Operations Center.
Conley earned two Associate of Science degrees in Air and Space Technology and Instructor of Science and Technology from the Community College of the Air Force and a Bachelor of Science in Space Studies from American Military University.
In his free time, Conley enjoys hiking and camping with the Boy Scouts of America and playing video games such as Grand Theft Auto, the Far Cry series and the Elder Scrolls series.