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News | June 24, 2022

U.S. Space Command hosts first Global Space Security Cooperation Board

By Staff Report U.S. Space Comand

U.S. Space Command recently hosted the command’s first Security Cooperation Resourcing Board June 13-16, 2022, at the Catalyst Campus for Technology and Innovation, Colorado Springs, Colo. 
The event drew nearly 100 security cooperation professionals from all five military services, the National Guard, combatant commands, USSPACECOM component commands and interagency partners who have a vested interest in security cooperation activities related to the space domain.
The SCRB is the complementary event to the annual security cooperation strategy workshop. Its intent is to align and resource USSPACECOM partner nation space engagement and development activities.
U.S. Space Force Brig. Gen. Devin Pepper, USSPACECOM deputy director of Strategy, Plans and Policy, provided opening remarks to explain USSPACECOM’s approach for fostering and developing international partnerships and leveraging expertise across the space enterprise.
“Our strength is in our ability to support the United States through developing the space capabilities of our Allies and partners,” Pepper said. “The Security Cooperation Resourcing Board marks a rare opportunity for multiple combatant commands to participate in a collective security cooperation event.”
During the event, space experts discussed ways to advance partner space capabilities and deepen cooperation and integration with USSPACECOM.
“As USSPACECOM’s first globally integrated security cooperation event, it provides an incredible venue to ensure USSPACECOM and its components are planning and resourcing the right activities to enable our global partners’ continued growth in the space domain,” added U.S. Navy Cmdr. Alex Anderson, USSPACECOM security cooperation planning division chief.
U.S. Navy Rear Adm. Michael Bernacchi, USSPACECOM director of Strategy, Plans and Policy, provided direction and guidance on the USSPACECOM global partnership engagement and development plans.
“This Security Cooperation Resourcing Board is a monumental step in the maturity of USSPACECOM’s ability to effectively support the space requirements our allies and partners,” said Bernacchi. “The participation and contributions from the entire space enterprise and combatant commands are instrumental in achieving a unified and aligned approach to strengthen the United States’ global partnerships.”
USSPACECOM is a combatant command with an astrographic area of responsibility defined as the area surrounding the earth at altitudes equal to or greater than 100 kilometers above mean (average) sea level. USSPACECOM is globally integrated with the other combatant commands and prepared to support its partners to meet today’s threats on a global scale.