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News | April 8, 2022

U.S. Space Command Enlisted Leaders Mentor New Generation of Space Leaders

By Staff Report U.S. Space Command

The Space Foundation hosted the New Generation Space Leaders program during the 37th Space Symposium, the largest annual convention held in Colorado Springs, at the Broadmoor on Apr. 4-7, 2022. 

The symposium attracts thousands of space professionals from around the world, in every space sector, from leading experts in civil space industries, private, and military to space enthusiasts. This includes many young professionals like U.S. Space Force Tech. Sgt. Kyle Lucas, an operations flight chief at the 1st Space Operations Squadron on Schriever Space Force Base, Co. Lucas said he was excited about going to the Space Symposium when he signed up to attend the New Generation Space Leaders program.

“I love space, so getting to come out here with senior leaders in the community and pick their brains and learn from them has been an amazing experience – one that I hope I can take back to my team and pass along the information that I’ve learned today.”

The program offered a series of networking events throughout the four-day conference, among those, a speed mentoring session designed to foster meaningful, long-term relationships. Although this event was available at past symposiums, this was the first time military senior enlisted leaders participated as mentors. It presented an opportunity for U.S. Space Command SELs to shine a light on DoD careers related to space. 

 “I am excited to engage with young people at or near the beginning of their career,” said Chief Master Sergeant Grange Coffin, the command senior enlisted leader of the Combined Force Space Component Command. “I hope to instill confidence in them to take initiative and risk so that their careers follow the path of their dreams and not the path of someone else’s dream.”

The session provided a wealth of information for Lucas. He walked away feeling empowered and a little more knowledgeable.

“The mentoring sessions were great,” said Lucas, “I was a little nervous going in, there are a lot of very smart people in this room – way smarter than me … but once I started opening up a little bit, I got a lot of great information out of it and learned a lot.”

USSPACECOM enlisted leaders know the value that networking and mentoring programs can bring to the space domain.  After all, the symposium comes at a time when USSPACECOM is progressing toward full operational capability, which requires putting a great deal of effort to hire and inspire the right civilian and military personnel to protect and defend space.

 “It’s imperative that we develop and retain the brightest people that we can,” said Marine Corps Master Gunnery Sgt. Scott Stalker, U.S. Space Command’s command senior enlisted leader. “At a time when strategic competition is intensifying, our allies and our nation will need more space professionals to deter, defend and secure the space domain for future generations.”

Chief Master Sergeant Coffin, one of the enlisted mentors, hopes that the connections made during this program gives attendees a glimpse into what could be their future in space.

New Generation initiatives for aerospace professionals age 35 and younger foster meaningful, long-term peer relationships and access to top space leaders. The goal is to fuel the future of young professionals and be the driving force in helping launch careers further. During the 37th Space Symposium, the Space Foundation helped space professionals gain visibility and exposure to senior leaders while getting advice and insight on career development. For more information on this opportunity, visit New Generation Space Symposium Link: