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News | June 13, 2023

USSPACECOM SJA Earns Military Service Award

By Christopher DeWitt U.S. Space Command

Peterson Space Force Base, Colo. – Col. Todd Pennington, U.S. Space Command Staff Judge Advocate, was presented the Burton Foundation’s Public Service Award in the Military at a gala hosted by the foundation Jun. 12, 2023, at the National Portrait Gallery in Washington, D.C.

Presented by Jane Sullivan Roberts, Chair of the Select Committee, the award is granted to an individual who has been employed in a branch of the armed forces over the last ten years and has demonstrated the highest-level of professionalism and integrity.

“The winner has far surpassed the strictest standards,” said William C. Burton, Founder and Chairman of the Burton Awards Program. “We are honored to choose Colonel Todd W. Pennington because of his leadership and many successes.”

Pennington, whose nearly 25-year career in the military has earned him a variety of accolades, was humbled by the receipt of this significant award.

“It’s a great honor,” said Pennington. “It is not lost on me that this award recognizes career in the profession, not just my time here at Space Command.
“It also shows the value that Staff Judge Advocates have to an organization,” he added.

Pennington credits his success with what he describes as an unconventional Air Force career track that has included Air Force, Space Force, and joint assignments with special operations, nuclear, and space operations.

“I was not in mission areas that you can just dabble in,” said Pennington. “Because of the unique law and policy questions they raise, I had to dive in and learn each mission in order to spot issues and anticipate legal challenges for each organization.”

Not forgetting those closest to him, Pennington recognized them for their support.

“My wife and family have been incredibly supportive throughout the years, especially with their flexibility in supporting many short-notice moves, I couldn’t do it without them,” he said.

“I’ve also had great leaders throughout my time in service who helped me understand the joint and interagency world, and trusted me with the opportunities that led to a really rewarding military career,” he continued.