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Commander Forward

Today, space enables nearly every facet of society and is central to our way of life. From commerce to meteorology to global communications, society not only relies on space capabilities, it expects the services they provide to always be present. Space enables our national security to preserve our way of life. From protecting the homeland and fighting our nation’s wars alongside allies and partners, to providing humanitarian assistance, space makes the achievements of America’s military possible.

The establishment of United States Space Command as the 11th combatant command demonstrates the critical importance America places on space. As the environment changes to reflect shifts in the geopolitical landscape, advances in technology, and new threats, space will remain a critical component of our way of life and to our national security. Our space truths are principles that reflect this enduring relationship. They will guide our military space operations through an increasingly complex environment and into an uncertain future.

Space truths

Wideband Global SATCOM

The space environment is far more competitive and dangerous today than ever before.

Our competitors are not only challenging national security and prosperity in cyberspace, on land, at sea, and in the air; they have turned space, a once peaceful environment, into a warfighting domain. By developing, testing, and deploying counter-space capabilities and evolving their military doctrines to extend into space, our competitors seek to prevent our unfettered access to space and deny our freedom to operate in space.

Space is no longer a sanctuary. Technological advances, changes in strategic guidance, and new security challenges require United States Space Command to innovate and adapt to ensure that space warfighters are prepared to accomplish future missions in, from, and to space. United States Space Command will protect and defend the American people and ensure there is...


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Strategic Environment

In the era of great power competition, the People’s Republic of China (PRC) and Russia have global ambitions for preeminence by displacing American power and influence, challenging our national interests, and eroding American security and prosperity. The PRC is a revisionist power that seeks to undermine the international order and reorder the Indo-Pacific region to its advantage. Russia aims to restore national prestige and political influence through the use of military force and coercion to challenge Western political and security institutions in Europe and the Middle East. The PRC and Russia each constitute a significant and long-term security threat to the United States and to our allies and partners.

The United States faces rapidly growing threats to our space capabilities. To achieve their strategic objectives the PRC and Russia are aggressively developing, have deployed, and stand ready to use counter-space weapons specifically designed to hold U.S. and allied space capabilities at risk. The growth of Chinese and Russian counter-space arsenals presents an immediate and serious threat to U.S., allied, and partner space activities.

The United States considers unfettered access to and freedom to operate in space vital interests. Like all nations, we have the inherent right of self-defense. Purposeful or harmful interference with these interests will be met with a deliberate response at a time and place of our choosing.

The United States, along with our allies and partners, will champion and promote the responsible,  peaceful, and safe use of space. However, should our nation call, United States Space Command will always remain ready to prevail against any foreign space-related aggression.

Ground-Based Electro-Optical Deep Space Surveillance

Space impacts almost every apect of our daily lives

Space technology is integral to our increasingly digital and interconnected world. From email and internet to monitoring environmental changes and meteorology to global trade and commerce, space is essential to our daily life.

Space enables the functions that are vital to society, and is also a global asset for science, providing researchers the tools they need to protect and conserve nature. Farmers who use GPS enabled agricultural equipment have seen a measurable increase in crop yields.

Space was originally dominated by governments, but lower costs and reduced barriers for launch and licensing have made the commercial space sector one of the fastest growing industries in the world.

Today, there are about 2,000 operational satellites in orbit. Projections for an additional 107,000 commercial license requests for orbital satellites in the next decade will continue to expand global prosperity in the 21st century. Global reliance on space is so extensive that a “day without space” would have significant impacts to our daily life.

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Commander Vision


United States Space Command conducts operations in, from and to space to deter conflict, and, if necessary, defeat aggression, deliver space combat power for the Joint/Combined Force and defend U.S. vital interests with allies and partners.

How We Win
Achieving space superiority sets the conditions to win in conflict across all domains. To win against increasingly capable competitors, United States Space Command provides space combat power by fully integrating offensive and defensive operations alongside our longstanding allies and partners. The integration and synchronization of space capabilities and operations to achieve space combat power enables United States Space Command, as part of the Joint/Combined Force, to deter, and if necessary, defeat adversary aggression, protect and defend the U.S. homeland and its interests, and secure long-term sustainable advantages. Ultimately, space combat power is how United States Space Command ensures there is never a day without space.

Commander Key Tasks

Understanding Our Competition


- Educating Joint warfighters on threats & adversaries
- Training Joint warfighters to outmaneuver our enemies
- Innovating through disruptive thinking
Building the Command to Compete and Win


- Achieving full operational capability
- Sustaining a warfighting culture
- Adapting to a dynamic & changing strategic environment
Maintaining Key Relationships


- Strengthening alliances & attracting new partners
- Enhancing interoperability
- Uniting around a compelling narrative
Maintaining Digital Superiority


- Innovating for competitive advantage
- Evolving cyber operations for an agile & resilient posture
- Investing in game-changing technologies
Integrating Commercial and Interagency Organizations


- Promoting responsible behaviors in space
- Advocating for greater space capabilities
- Collaborating to solve mutual challenges with all elements of national power
Space-Based Infared System
Endstate - Never a Day Without Space