Oct. 7, 2020

DOD official outlines space strategy

Justin T. Johnson, acting deputy assistant secretary of defense for space policy, discussed the department's four-pillar strategy for work that needs to be done in space within the next decade and beyond.

Sept. 24, 2020

18 SPCS now predicts debris-on-debris collisions in space, enhancing Space Domain Awareness for all

For the first time, the Combined Force Space Component Command’s 18th Space Control Squadron began publically sharing data for debris-on-debris conjunction predictions via www.Space-Track.org, Sept. 24. Previously, the 18 SPCS only released debris-on-active satellite conjunction prediction data publically due to limited conjunction screening and reporting capacity. Through a project titled Reduction of Conjunction Assessment Processing (ReCAP), 18 SPCS personnel reduced the daily number of legacy low to no-risk early conjunction reporting to satellite owners and operators by more than 30 percent. Additionally, the 18 SPCS increased the total number of objects screened daily by more than 350 percent.

Sept. 23, 2020

Brown visits US Space Command, Peterson for first time as CSAF

Gen. Charles Q. Brown, Jr., United States Air Force Chief of Staff, visited U.S. Space Command on Sept. 23.

Sept. 21, 2020

USSPACECOM commander visits Cavalier AFS

Army Gen. James Dickinson, commander of U.S. Space Command, visited Cavalier Air Force Station, N.D., Sept. 14 to understand the installation’s significance to U.S. Space Force’s efforts.

Sept. 18, 2020

US Fleet Cyber Command, US Navy Space Command welcome new VADM

Vice Adm. Ross Myers relieved Vice Adm. Timothy “T.J.” White as commander, U.S. Fleet Cyber Command/U.S. Navy Space/U.S. 10th Fleet, during a change of command ceremony Sept. 18 at the U.S. Naval Academy.